Chrissy Chavez, Troy Jethro, and Chrissy's five-year-old daughter, Arianna, moved to Maine in the beginning of July 2016 with high hopes for a new start in life. Troy was battling an addiction to opiates and they thought the best way to beat it was to leave their home in Florida and the bad influences of Troy's past. Maine seemed like the perfect place. Troy met a lobsterman down in Florida and he told Troy that he could come work with him on the water. They packed up and headed north. Within a few days of being in Maine, they were homeless. The apartment they found, and paid for, was a scam. The job? It disappeared along with the friend. Within a week the family found themselves living in a homeless encampment in wooded area of Portland. It was better than the bed-bug ridden homeless shelter and at least in the woods they could be together.

Despite their circumstances, they still lived most days like any other family. They tried hard to keep Arianna's life as structured as possible and treated a lot of moments as learning experiences for her. Troy's favorite saying is "can't never did nothin'". His dad used to say it to him when he was a kid, he even has it tattooed on his foot. When Arianna would tell him she couldn't do something Troy would ask her, "What does can't do?" and she would reply, "Can't never did nothin'."

This determined attitude was as important as ever. After the family had lived in the encampment for almost two months police announced they were forcibly shutting down the camp at the beginning of September. They not only had to find a place to live, but they had find their way back to the kind of life they wanted for Arianna.