Waria is the Indonesian word for a transgender woman. It is a mix between the word pria, which means man, and wanita, which means woman. 

Indonesia has a long history of warias. Before colonialism many tribes embraced their transgender members. They were seen in society as spiritual beings, as people who had two souls occupying their one body.

The life of a waria in Indonesia today is much different. They are not seen as people by the majority of society. There are common threads in the lives of many warias. Sex work is one, mainly because there aren't many job opportunities for warias who live openly. They are seen as sex objects by men, or as a spectacle at nightclubs. They are often the victims of sexual violence and homicide. 

The pain inflicted upon them by an unwelcoming society does not stop many warias from building their own communities and working together toward the dream of an Indonesia that accepts and embraces their existence.